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Who We Are

Helping people succeed with web mapping

We are a software and services organization headquartered in beautiful Victoria, BC. We believe that geography empowers people to make vastly better decisions about the world around us; we help them accomplish this with Geocortex technology.

Our Core Values

Since 1999, our core values have guided every decision we have made. They are:


1. The Golden Rule
It’s a classic – we treat one another and the people we do business with as we’d like to be treated.


2. Leaving the World a Better Place
We strive to ensure that the work we do helps us and the people who use our technology leave the world a better place than we found it.


3. Continuous Improvement
As individuals and as an organization we take pride in always finding new ways to challenge ourselves to do and be better.

Our Technology Beliefs

There are some key beliefs at the heart of our technology approach that guide our decisions and have shaped our business model:


1. Technology should be about getting things done
We’re excited about the “next great thing” and future of technology, but we’re more excited about getting things done in the real world today. So while we obsess about preparing for what’s coming in the future, we’re fundamentally about helping organizations actually get concrete things built to serve end-users.


2. New technology should eliminate old inefficiencies
All worthwhile new technology should capitalize on eliminating old inefficiencies; rather than capitalizing on the old inefficiencies themselves. We seek to create product features that eliminate billable hours (especially our own!).


3. A good product-centric approach trumps custom code
We believe that writing custom code or reinventing the wheel should be a last resort, not a first instinct. For a relatively complex application susceptible to change over time, a reusable and intelligently engineered product-centric approach can be vastly superior to custom code.


4. As simple as possible (and no simpler)
Through effective design, we strive to make the user experience as intuitive and simple as possible. Sometimes it means saying no to a feature, even when we can say yes. So we promote flexibility, but not at the cost of usability.


Geocortex is a proud member of the VertiGIS family. Offering a collection of software and solutions across industries, VertiGIS helps people all over the world benefit from the power of GIS.

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Building for the world’s leading GIS platform

Geocortex is designed exclusively for use with Esri’s ArcGIS® platform, and adds tremendous value. As an Esri Platinum Partner (representing less than 1% of Esri Partners worldwide), we are focused on helping clients accomplish even more with their investment in Esri technology.

Outstanding people drive everything

We’re always striving to build a better organization, and we know that it requires top-notch people working together. That’s why we hire and retain great people, pay fairly and equitably, and provide ongoing opportunities to make our organization one that people are proud to work at. We believe in working hard, having fun and keeping our standards high.

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