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Geocortex Essentials: Integrations

Extend the reach and capabilities of your applications


From ERP to asset management to business intelligence, Geocortex Essentials offers integration options that allow you to visualize and interact with key 3rd party business data directly in your mapping applications.

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Gain the added element of spatial awareness

Bring spatial and tabular data together, allowing you to identify patterns that can only be seen when visualized on a map. By integrating key 3rd party business systems with Geocortex applications, you can significantly cut down the time you spend looking for information.

Ease of use
Leave your data where it is

You don’t need to replicate, move, or remodel your data to integrate with your Geocortex applications. Break down departmental siloes: let your data flow seamlessly between systems, and access important business information faster to consolidate decision making in your GIS.

Let us show you how
Integrate with virtually any 3rd party business system or data source

With an array of configurable and custom options, Geocortex customers have integrated with ERP, asset and land management, business intelligence, and document management systems. Geocortex Essentials gets along with almost everything.