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Geocortex Workflow

Build virtually anything

Extend your Geocortex and Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® applications by turning sophisticated business processes into a set of simple, guided end-user interactions.
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Adding value alongside (and inside!) your Esri applications

Build virtually anything

Geocortex Workflow is extremely versatile (just like LEGO®!) and can be used to streamline even the most complex business processes.

Operate more efficiently

By automating repeatable tasks and presenting guided, dedicated interactions, you can significantly reduce overhead.

Improve end-user success

Providing guided, step-by-step interactions dramatically enhances the experience for your users.


What is Geocortex Workflow?

Activity Library
Activity Library
Extend Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS®

Instead of writing code to build widgets that satisfy custom requirements in your Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS applications, choose from a library of nearly 170 pre-built activities that chain together to automate almost any task.

Build workflows right in your browser

Authoring workflows is easy with the online Geocortex Workflow Designer. Simply sign-in, drag-and-drop activities onto the design area, then save and share in ArcGIS Online.

Re-imagine the user experience with dynamic forms

Forms don’t just capture user inputs; often certain elements must hide or appear based on user interactions. Cascading drop-downs and an advanced event-based system allow you to engage users with extraordinary flexibility.

Licensing & Pricing
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Geocortex Workflow can be licensed on its own – or bundled with Geocortex Reporting – to extend the applications you’ve built with Esri’s Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS®.


Geocortex Workflow is available in the cloud and on-premises: try it today with a free, 60-day trial.

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