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Supporting energy and pipeline operations of all sizes

Geocortex helps energy companies manage exploration and production activities, streamline asset integrity programs, and equip field workers with powerful tools while ensuring the highest health, safety, and environmental standards are met.

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Putting the power of web mapping in the hands of governments around the world

Governments of all sizes trust Geocortex technology to help them engage citizens, manage service activities, report on demographic information, and perform assessments.

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Two industry leaders, one powerful solution

Geocortex supports utilities businesses by helping them empower field workers, manage assets, and analyze data. In 2015, our utilities offerings were taken to a new level with the announcement of our partnership with Schneider Electric. Geocortex is now used as the underlying technology in Schneider Electric’s ArcFM™ Web, which has long been the industry standard for utilities customers looking to leverage the benefits of GIS.


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Law Enforcement
Helping law enforcement provide excellent service to their communities

From crime mapping to crime forecasting, police departments around the world rely on Geocortex to help them deploy resources effectively and serve their communities.

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Public Safety
Making emergency operations more efficient when it matters most

Geocortex helps public safety organizations harness web mapping technology to activate response plans, make informed decisions, and manage resources in critical situations.

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