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Advanced Workflows: Forms


This two-day course is the second in the Advanced Workflows series: develop forms to help you collect the information you need, and create the best end-user experiences in your .NET-based workflow applications.

Course Outline

Open: Workflow form technology summary
Workflow form technology summary

Describe the features of Geocortex Essentials’ workflow form technology by performing these tasks:

  • Describe the course approach to learning workflows
  • Summarize the key features of Geocortex Essentials’ workflow forms technology
  • Describe the features of the Advanced Workflows: Forms training site
  • Configure the Advanced Workflows: Forms site
Open: Populate form item lists
Populate form item lists

Populate query-based form items using a variety of data sources by performing these tasks:

  • Describe the features of the ComboBox and ListBox form items
  • Describe how to hard-code form data item values
  • Hard-code form data item values
  • Describe how to populate DataItem lists using the SQLQuery activity
  • Populate DataItem lists using SQL
  • Describe how to use a search table to populate form items
  • Use a search table to populate form items
  • Populate list form items from various data sources
Open: Manage form images
Manage form images

Manage images on Geocortex Essentials’ workflow forms by performing these tasks:

  • Identify the properties of the ImageFormItem class
  • Describe how to configure ImageFormItem properties
  • Use image form items
  • Describe how to manage multiple form images
  • Manage multiple form images
Open: Use multiple dependent form items
Use multiple dependent form items

Build forms using multiple dependent form items by performing these tasks:

  • Summarize the types of form item dependencies
  • Describe the features of the multi-item token syntax
  • Describe how to configure dependent ListBox form items
  • Build a workflow containing a form configured with dependent ListBox items
  • Describe the role of the DisplayResultPicker activity
  • Build a workflow using the features of a DisplayResultPicker activity
  • Use one form to filter the results for use in a second form
Open: Manage external data using dynamic form items
Manage external data using dynamic form items

Use dynamic form items to manage feature attachments by performing these tasks:

  • Describe how to add form items at runtime
  • Add items to a form a runtime
  • Describe how to view feature attachments using a workflow
  • Create a workflow to view the feature attachments

Product: Geocortex Essentials
Skill level: Advanced
Duration: 2 days (14 hours with breaks)

Lunch breaks typically occur at 12 PM (Eastern)/11 AM (Central); this is subject to change, based upon class requirements

Cost: $1060


Those who have taken the Advanced Workflows: Foundation course, are comfortable with .NET programming concepts, and need to build compelling forms to support their Geocortex Essentials workflows.

  • Successful completion of Advanced Workflows: Foundation or have equivalent experience
  • Have a working knowledge of:
    • VB expressions
    • Geocortex Essentials workflows
  • Have a fundamental knowledge of:
    • ArcGIS technologies
    • GIS concepts
  • Test your system to ensure that Adobe Connect and the virtual machine that you will be using during training can run successfully
  • We recommend using two monitors for an ideal learning experience
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Customer Reviews

"I used knowledge from the class the very next day in my workflows. I understand how workflows actually work much better than I did before."
Sean McClurkan
Application Consultant